WCF show of Cat Club "Kis-Kis": An outstanding success of our Juniors

Published: Sunday, 03 July 2022

Our junior CACJ Nice Girl CareForePets and kitten-boy Rich CareForPets performed superbly on July 2-3 at the WCF show of the Kis-Kis club (VDNH, Moscow).  The girl won the First places at the WCF Junior Rings both days,💐💐 and in the BEST final she won this title 🏆. The boy made his debut more modestly and also distinguished himself. Details on the results are below...

Our beloved Nice Girl CareForPets, as always, has fully justified her name… :

Results of 1st Day: First place in the WCF Junior Ring (1 of 32!)
In the final of the first day - The Winner of the BEST JUNIOR title !!!
And also in special fun-shows: 1st place in the show of girls "Lady", 3rd place in the show of Point Colours, 3rd place in the show of LH/SLH cats.   

Results of the 2nd Day - again 1st place in the WCF junior ring (1 of 22)! Almost 100%- champion result!!!🏆

WCF ring 1 place Nice Girl Nice Girl Best

Our baby Rich CareForPets in his 3.5 months old received his first two expert evaluations and took the high 3rd place in the boys' Fun-Show "Gentlemen".

rich careforpertsshow WCF gentlemen

Many thanks for the impeccable organization of the exhibition to Anna Izmalkova 💐, the WCF Club "Kis-Kis", and especially to our experts Olga Gruzd, Elena Ignatova and Igor Bodunov for their warmth, attention and professionalism🙏.

  grusd lena NGIgnatova NG  Nice girl lena winners WCF 1