In this section you can learn about signature features of the ragdoll breed: the character of the ragdoll cat, the interaction of cats with humans as well as the main colors of the breed.

Features and character of the ragdoll breed

Ragdolls are classified as cats of large and peaceful breeds. They are the favorites of all household members, winning the hearts of both cat-lovers and dog lovers ....

Ragdolls are extremely socialized pets. They are very sociable and need constant communication and attention. Their habits and visual characteristics, at first glance, indicate phlegmatism. However, despite some relaxation, the movements of cats are graceful.

Ragdoll cat breed

Ragdolls are far from lazy, but when they fall into their hands they literally relax and dissolve in their arms. This is not to say that they are incredibly jumping, which is explained by a decreased muscle tone. However, they love to play with the owners, as well as demonstrate their agility. At the same time, a considerable part of the representatives of this breed likes to sit on the pens, chat with the owner. The craving for constant communication among ragdolls is due to intolerance of loneliness. The pet is very attached to its owner and does not withstand a long separation from him.

He agrees to endure a long journey and a change of scenery, but not the loss of precious communication. He will not take revenge on the owner for separation or severe reprimands - this is not his nature.

Since childhood, kittens have a good memory and quick wit. They are devoid of any aggression, show curiosity and love to be in the center of events.

Neither kids nor adults do not go into conflict, they are not their instigators. Pets do not like loud screams or aggressive music. From time to time they like to enjoy the silence and need their place. Without him, they often sleep in the master's bed. The nature of ragdolls can be different, as evidenced by the comments of breeders left on forums and information portals of the Internet. The owners note that these cats have a quiet and gentle disposition, they are complaisant and incredibly gentle. Some representatives of the breed are very active, they can wake their owners in the morning, biting their fingers, running around with the ball. Others even take courage and steal food from other pets living in the house.

Ragdoll cat breed Russia

You can carefully study the standard of the breed Ragdoll according to the TICA version

Ragdolls colors

     Ragdolls are recognized by all serious felinological organizations, discussions do not stop only about “legitimate” breed colors. So far, the CFA and WCF have won the debate over the color gamut, having identified the four main colors of ragdolls - coal gray, purple, blue and chocolate. European associations add to the list of animals painted in red, tortie, cream and tabby.

In general, a ragdoll is allowed to have such colors:

  • color point - dark brown (seal), chocolate (chocolate), blue (blue) and lilac (lilac);
  • color point with white (bicolor, mitted);
  • red, tortie point, cream;
  • any options for tabby point and all its combinations with white (mitted, bi-color).

There are three possible color classes for a ragdoll breed:

Color Point:

   It differs from the common color point color.

  • The mask is present on the forehead, but does not extend beyond the middle of the ears;
  • At the base of the ear there is a small bright area. The neck, chin and chest area are always much lighter than the marks.


  • The mask covers the forehead, cheeks, vibrissa pads, nose and eyes without affecting the bright area at the base of the ears. The chest, neck and chin remain white. The lower part of the neck is sometimes marked by a white line passing between the forelimbs through the stomach to the root of the tail 

Ragdoll cat breed

  • Body color brightens from the back to the sides and stomach. The front legs are decorated with the same white “gloves”. Where white hair grows, the skin has a pink tint. The hind legs are completely white, with the exception of the area above the middle of the thigh. Around the knee joint only white hair is also allowed.


  • The coat is well stained. The color of the points (mask, ears and tail, with the exception of “L” on the face) should stand out clearly. At the base of the ears remains a bright area. On the muzzle, let’s say a symmetrical white triangle “superimposed” on the nose, vibrissae pads, lips, chin and flowing into a white “frill”. The symbol "L" on the face can reach the width of the outer corners of the eyes and must be strictly symmetrical.
  • Chest, belly and four legs are painted white. The back may be slightly lighter than that of the points, but not pure white. On the back, white and colored spots are allowed (of different configurations and sizes). The ratio of pigments to the standard does not stipulate. (photo Breed_4).

Ragdoll cat


I would like  to note: the opinion of many that cats of this breed are very fragile, do not know how to land on all four legs, are phlegmatic by nature, is a mistake !!! Ragdolls are quite graceful and agile, they play a lot, of course, they don’t hang on the curtains, like representatives of the oriental cat family, but they won’t lie on the couch all day .... And they will wait for You, dear and happy owners of these wonderful children, on the doorstep of the house, faithfully looking into the eyes and expecting the warmth and love that they will bestow upon you with interest ... The ragdolls are described in the literature as rag dolls, limp in the arms of everyone, phlegmatic, not very active and agile cat-pets. I can not agree with this ... 😻😻😻.

Our Fresia rushes faster than the wind, doing a somersault in the air and confidently landing on her long, pink-heeled paws.  Yes, she relax, but only in the arms of those she loves ... She is very curious and inquisitive, not at all afraid strangers, immediately made friends with other cat pets...  She's pity them when I wash their eyes and cut their claws, never take food from someone else's bowl .. At my request She brings the toys - my favorite "makhalochki". Every morning she wakes me up at exactly 7, first sniffing with her magic rabbit nose, and then opens with her paw my eyes )) 👀 Licks me eyebrows and eyelashes ... and all the while follows me, looking into my eyes. She doesn’t meow for no reason just looks with adoration : I see how she loves me ...  I see, feel, love her smell, rabbit fur ... Ragdolls are wonderful, devoted to people like dogs, clever no less than Siberians ( not for nothing she made friends with our catgirl, a Siberian foundling) and endlessly affectionate with a cheerful, energetic and very inquisitive character!!

Ragdoll cat

I write poetry, and lately write a lot about the cats ... In one of my verse there are such words: "And please share your happiness,  your ragdoll's complicity..."   I am sharing it with you ....