In this section you can see photos of our offsprings. These are ragdoll kittens, who have already grown into beautiful cats and kitties. Our offsprings live in different parts of the country both in Moscow and in remote regions of Russia. And they all delight their loving owners every day! If you want to buy a ragdoll kitten, go to the page ragdoll kittens.

Diana CareForPets

Diana CareForPets  is the only girl in this litter (D).

She will live by our Donetsk friends and participate in our further breeding program.


Daisy CareForPets

The most stubborn and disobedient child of the litter D - Daysy CareForPets also lives in the Moscow region, with his new mother, a famous psychoanalyst,  and became an exemplary Cat

D’Lucas CareForPets

Our ex-baby D'LUCAS CareForPets  lives in warm lands, in Sebastopol, Crimea, with loving parents

Darcy CareForPets

Our Darcy CareForPets has chosen a new residence near us, in a house on the New-Riga highway.