WCF- Show "Cat-Info": New successful debuts.

Published: Sunday, 21 August 2022

Our boys - junior Rich CareForPets , very young Winner CareForPets  and Zenith Malattodolls*ES , who moved to the adult category, successfully performed on August 20-21 at the WCF show of the Cat-Info Club (Sokolniki,  Moscow). High places in the WCF-rings of juniors 💐 💐 and BEST Opposite Sex 🏆 (the final was determined only by lot). Details on the results are below...

Our junior Rich CareForPets   became the Second 🥈 in the WCF ring, the Third in the Rare Breed Fan Show, was nominated for Best, beat all the boys and became the Best Opposite Sex (by lot) 🏆 in the young class.... 💥 :

WCF ring 1 place Nice Girl Nice Girl Best

Our Spanish macho Zenith Malattodolls performed for the first time in an adult class.  He was very nervous, because there are so many beautiful kitties and rival boys nearby 😇 🤔 … That's why he became only the 6th in the WCF ring:

rich careforpertsshow WCF gentlemen

Our debutant - Winner CareForPets became the 5th in the WCF ring, which we are very happy about, because the baby is only 3.5 months old....🔥. We are happy, the Youth is growing worthy 🌺...

 grusd lena NG

Thank you very much to the dear experts for their high ratings and prompt, well-coordinated work 💐💐.Ignatova NG