Our cat Nice Girl CareForPets*RU has won the title Coral Master WCF.

Published: Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Our beautiful Nice Girl CareForPets*RU participated in the International Exhibition of the Dennis Club and won the high title of Coral Master WCF following the results of the WCF ring dedicated to the 35th anniversary of WCF 👏 😻 🏆. The details are below...

 Coral Master  is a lifetime WCF title 🏆 !  Our beautiful Nice Girl, in addition to the coral master ring, participating in the show program of the first day of the Dennis Show, won the 2nd place in the girls' show. And in the final Best beat all the cats in the group of SLH and got the Best Opposite Sex!  Congratulations!!! 💐roskosh-march-2023-1  RosKosh-march-2023-winner 8 May awards web