The new Ragdoll kittens (litter F) was born

Published: Saturday, 16 May 2020

 We were waiting for these babies with joy, but at the same time, we were very worried and worried. After making an ultrasound of the expectant mother, we already knew that there would be 9-10 babies... We had already stocked up on formula, teats and bottles for artificial feeding, but I knew that our girl would probably have a hard time giving birth. But, surprisingly, we gave birth ourselves, easily and quite quickly!

ragdoll kittens

Of course, I fed the children extra, since the cat only has 8 nipples, and a month-old child needs 150 grams of milk a day. It is clear that a four-kilogram cat cannot physically produce as much... Thank God, the kittens have grown big and strong !!!

Ragdoll kittens Litter F