The first Show of our Fay CareForPets: - Best in Breed !

Published: Saturday, 03 October 2020

Our daughter FAY CareForPets at the Golden Autumn in Orbit-2020 exhibition on September 26 became the best in the breed (Ragdoll) 💐  💐  💐  She received the BEST in BREED championship certificate, a beautiful Cup and a lot of gifts!!  Although she is still quite a baby (we are only four and a half months old),  FAY behaved completely at ease, showed herself perfectly.  She received the highest ratings of Excellent 1 from all experts, the PBS title and was recognized as a very promising exhibition career!! 😻

FAY face

    Fay CH title Orbita 2020   Fay Orbita 4 

    Fay Orbita 3    Fay CH Diplom Orbita 2020

     Fay Orbita 1

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