The first-born of a new couple of our cattery CareForPets - litter B.

Published: Saturday, 19 November 2022

On November 13, our wonderful Honey CareForPets  became a mom for the second time.😻 😻 Gave birth to eight (!!!) kids : 4 girls and 4 boys. Happy Dad is our ECH Zenith Malattodolls.  Congratulations to the new married couple !!! 💐  

 Our happy Parents  - 😻😻:

Ragdoll Kamzik кошка рэгдолл Sophie
Отец:  ECH Zenith Malattodolls*ES
Окрас: Seal Point Bicolor (RAG n 03)  

Мать:  J'Honey CareForPets*RU
Окрас: Seal Point Bicolor (RAG n 03)