Benefit of our ragdoll cats at Cat Club "LOY" WCF show in Moscow.

Published: Tuesday, 30 January 2024

Our first WCF Show in the new year 2024 became a real benefit for our ragdoll cats 🏆. All the main prizes were won by our participants 😻: от from the First places in the WCF rings for young and adults to the BEST of BEST -I both days, BEST GENERAL and the final BEST SUPREME 🏆..  Details of the results and a photo gallery are below...👏 

  The organizer of the traditional WCF exhibition "Sinichki's Gatherings" was the 'LOY' cat lovers club, led by experienced producer and expert Olga Sinitsa. The team of other expert judges was very strong: Marina Litvina, Evgeny Mechkovski (Kazakhstan) and Natalia Belova. The work of the experts and stewards was clear and smart, the prize fund of the sponsors was, to the delight of the winners, diverse and abundant....😻 👏 



Introducing our winning participants: 

- the young star of our nursery, a seven-month-old junior H'Jessie CareForPets*RU.  This is her debut in her exhibition career. And what a success !!!


- The beautiful JCH Coral Master Zh'Evelyn CareForPets*RU  has just moved into the adult category, having already earned high WCF titles during her junior career. Her start of an adult show career also exceeded all our expectations. But about the results below...

IMG 0119  IMG 0148 

And finally, our main results of the competition at the wonderful exhibition of the KLK "LOY" on January 27 and 28 in Moscow. 

H'Jessie CareForPets*RU :

January 27:  WCF Ring Junior/Kitten - 1st/30🏆

Best in Show Junior SLH,  Best Junior  -1st 💥,  Best General🏆

Fun Show SLH - 2nd , Fun Show Point -1st

January 28:  WCF Ring Junior/Kitten - 1st/23 🏆

Best in Show Ragdoll Junior 🤗,  Best Junior - 1 st ❤️

Following the results of the two days of the whole Show,  - BEST SUPREME among animals of all breeds and ages  💓💓💓

Zh'Evelyn CareForPets*RU :

January 27:  WCF Ring Adults - 4th/34 🏆

Best in Show Adults SLH,  Best of Best  1st 💥

Fun Show Female -1st .

January 28:  WCF Ring Adults  1st/25 🏆

Best in Show Ragdolls Adult 🤗,  Best Adults - 1 st ❤️

IMG 0142  IMG 0114

IMG 0145  IMG 8265 

Congratulations to our CareForPets*RU cattery on a well-deserved and unconditional victory!!!  👏 

Many thanks to friends for their help and moral support !!! 😻

 IMG 0161