Sweety Tajeschidolls

sweety 0

Title: Junior-Champion  - BEST in BREED 

Born: 10.06.2020

Color:  RAG a 03  (Blue Point Bicolor)

Sir:    Ulysses Ragben Land*PL

Dame: Lucky One Tajeschidolls

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Fay CareForPets


Title: Junior Champion "BEST in BREED"

Born: 07.05.2020

Color: RAG n 03

Sir: RW QGC Guiliano Koci Eden*PL

Dame: Fresya Valley Tuberose

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Lizzy Usapurrs

Ragdoll cat Russia

Title: Champion (WCF)

Born: 26.12.2018

Color: RAG n 04

Sir: Colton Levi Adorabledoll

Dame: American Dolly Usapurrs

Kittens: Litter D

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Bellissima Ragissa

Ragdoll cat Russia

Title: Junior-Champion (WCF);

         Champion (CFA)

Born: 01.06.2019

Color: RAG a03

Sir: Don Duke Cloudpaws

Dame: Rysia of Ragissa Lollipopdoll

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Sophie Koci Eden

Ragdoll cat Russia

Born: 07.02.2020

Color: RAG a 03

Sir: Elvis The King ElonaDolls

Dame: Diamond Princess Koci Eden

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