The first Show of our Fay CareForPets: - Best in Breed !

Published: Saturday, 03 October 2020

Our daughter FAY CareForPets at the Golden Autumn in Orbit-2020 exhibition on September 26 became the best in the breed (Ragdoll) 💐  💐  💐  She received the BEST in BREED championship certificate, a beautiful Cup and a lot of gifts!!  Although she is still quite a baby (we are only four and a half months old),  FAY behaved completely at ease, showed herself perfectly.  She received the highest ratings of Excellent 1 from all experts, the PBS title and was recognized as a very promising exhibition career!! 😻

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A new kitten is waiting for us in the Netherlands

Published: Tuesday, 01 September 2020

We are preparing to pick up our new cat-boy in October. His name Is Joy from Sieldrecht, a small town in Netherlands . From the Cattery of wonderful breeder Ellen Schippers.  On the pictures he is only two months old, but he already weighs 1,5 kilos... The future husband of our Fay CareForPets...😻

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The first Exhibition of our Sophie Koci Eden : BEST in BREED !

Published: Tuesday, 04 August 2020

The first Exhibition of our Sophie Koci Eden : BEST in BREED ! Our Sophie Koci Eden at the first exhibition in her life became the best in the Ragdoll breed . We were pleased with the experts ' assessments - they all expressed their opinion that the girl is irreproachable. We are 6 months old.... we are growing !

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New queen in our cattery

Published: Wednesday, 01 July 2020
Рэгдолл фото

Sophie Koci Eden has come from the Koci Eden cattery (where our cat Giuliano comes from). The wonderful fluffy beauty with unusually large sapphire eyes.  She  is  extremely affectionate and gentle. 

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The new Ragdoll kittens (litter F) was born

Published: Friday, 15 May 2020
котята рэгдолл Москва

 We were waiting for these babies with joy, but at the same time, we were very worried and worried. After making an ultrasound of the expectant mother, we already knew that there would be 9-10 babies... We had already stocked up on formula, teats and bottles for artificial feeding, but I knew that our girl would probably have a hard time giving birth. But, surprisingly, we gave birth ourselves, easily and quite quickly!

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Giuliano Koci Eden - Best ragdoll - 2020

Published: Sunday, 03 May 2020
кот рэгдолл победитель выставки

Our favorite cat Giuliano Koci Eden Regional Winner (RW) and Quadruple Grand Champion (QGC) is recognized as the “2020 Best  Seal Lynx (tabby) Point/bicolor  Ragdoll Of The Year

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