The Triumph of our cats at the exhibition of the KLK "Sozvesdije"(WCF)

Published: Sunday, 29 August 2021
We took part in the exhibition of the Club of Cat Lovers "Sozvezdije" (WCF) in Sokolniki Park (Moscow) on August 28-29, 2021.
Our boy Jam CareForPets in the junior class took the First places in the WCF rings both days, became the Best of the Best, and the Best in a number of Fan Shows…
IMG 0596
And his mother - our beloved Sophie Koci Eden in the adult animal ring became the Second in the WCF rings both days, Sex Opposite Best of Best and the First in the Show "Blue Eyes"
   IMG 0606IMG 0589 
 And then, in a week, we are waiting for the World Cats Exhibition (WCF) in Minsk
Let's go there with the same composition (Jam & Sophie) - the lovely son with his beautiful mom
IMG 0628