Our Joyus Tajeschidolls - The Best Ragdoll Kitten of 2021 (TICA)

Published: Wednesday, 16 June 2021
 Our young cat  Joyus Tajeschidolls
 the regional winner (RW) in Northern Europe, was recognized as the Best Ragdoll kitten of 2021  (2020/2021 season).

кот рэгдолл

Our young cat  Joyus Tayeschidolls, the regional winner (RW) in Northern Europe was recognized as the Best Ragdoll Kitten of 2021. The title was received by the world cat Association TICA following the results of the 2020/2021 season.

Лучший кот рэгдолл 2020 года

 This pleasant crazy news came to us from the European Office of the most authoritative The World Association of Cats TICA. Congratulations to our young and promising cat Joyus and Breeder Ellen Schippers (Netherlands), who raised this most tender child, whose upbringing we have been engaged in since October 2020. 

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