The new litter L : five ragdoll kittens!

Published: Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Our dear and beloved Fairy, Fay CareForPets, gave birth to 5 babies on September 13.  The number 13 is a happy one for our family, it is the birthday of our son, husband and the day of our wedding.  So, meet the litter L : three boys and two girls ... and we are waiting for two more litters this month!!!! Health to the Fay of our cattery and her children…


The are first babies of our  Fay CareForPets  and Joyous Tajeschidolls…😻

Joy Tajeschidolls кошка рэгдолл Fay CareForPets
Sire: RW Joyous Tajeschidolls
Colour: Blue Point Bicolor (RAG a 03 )  

Dam: PBS Fay CareForPets
Colour: Seal Point Bicolor (RAG n 03)